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My plans collapsed. Now what?

I had this great idea for a short film I wanted to shoot during our last strip to New York. But in the world of hobbyist filmmakers, many things can go wrong. Is pushing through the right thing to do, or should I embrace the change in course and invest my time elsewhere? 

Why we all need a long break

No, I don’t mean a 4-day long weekend. I’m talking about a more than a month long break between jobs. I recently half-heartedly took one of those myself. What I discovered is that taking a long break from time to time can be rejuvenating. Not just for you, but for everyone surrounding your life. Allow me to explain…

Friends are life

Friends are for life. As the years go by, they never change, and they never should. Their job is to remind you that once, even for a brief couple of years, you used to be reckless, not worrying about life. No matter what happens, they’ll be there for you, for the good and the bad.