The reason I prefer blogging to vlogging

The reason I prefer blogging to vlogging

I often get asked why, since I love making videos, I don’t jump on the vlogging wagon and capitalize on the many opportunities this relatively new trend has to offer. I say relatively, because vlogging started more than 5 years now in form of product reviews, discussion boards and parody channels.

Vlogs have changed since. Vlogging has now become so trendy that more than xx new vlogs launch on YouTube daily, with content ranging from tutorials, reviews, discussions, panels, comedy, daily vlogs and filmmaking. So why not vlog instead of typing words on a keyboard?

Vlogging is almost like acting

The easy way to answer this is that I’m a terrible actor and horrible in front of a camera. I’ve filmed videos with me in it, but I just don’t look natural. Speaking in front of a public, either virtually or in person does not come natural to me. I often stumble for words and in most cases I don’t put my message across. This is also true in my professional career. Whenever I have to give a speech or do a presentation, I get so nervous, I forget to breath.

Because it’s work, however, I practise constantly and at the end I’m able to deliver a descent presentation that conveys my message. My presentation skills are average and certainly not inspirational. And to be a successful vlogger, someone who people will come back to your channel to watch your videos daily, weekly or monthly, you have to be somewhat inspiring to others.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a word can generate a million images.

The second, and most important, reason why I prefer to blog, is that I really enjoy writing. It’s an art that helps you break away from reality, makes you think of ways to express yourself uniquely with words. A good script, novel, poem or even an article, have the power to captivate your audience and travel them in places they’ve never been before.

It gives you freedom to express yourself in ways that you can’t in your daily life. It allows you to bring up emotions, thoughts and perspectives that hide deep into your soul. The art of writing gives you the power to express who you really are by simply putting a string of words next to each other.

That’s the main reason I stick to blogging. I am able to express my feelings, my thoughts, my point of view with creative freedom. That feeling of fulfilment I get from writing is far greater than being in front of the camera, where you follow a script.

underrated art

Think about it. All movies, videos, presentations and podcast begin with a script. Every successful story originates from a piece of paper (or a document). This is where the creative process begins. This is where the story evolves, and where you always go back to when iterating.

The power words have when played out on a piece of paper, is stronger than any other form of communication. And that’s the reason why I’ll never move away from my day job altogether. Because as a content and product marketer, I get to write captivating stories that speak in my customers’ subconsciousness and help them see the bigger picture.

Vlogging is a powerful self-promoting tool. Blogging is a digitalized version of an art.

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